7 Major Reasons Why Guys Won’t Call You After Making Love

Seeing this title, You may wonder why a website like talks on issues not pertaining to Sugar Mummies. Well, give me a moment please, I want to show you, WHY even after making Love with a Guy, and thinking that you nailed it, they refuse to call you.

You noticed, that after having fun and crazy night when the man does not text you back, it leaves you all puzzled, angry, surprised and agitated.

If you are wondering why your man or the guy whom you had shared a bed with, is totally refusing to call or text you back, here are some reasons, major reasons why He won’t call you again.

These are the major reasons why the guy has not called you or texted back after sleeping with you. It is much better to wait for a while, or take the bull by the Horn and asked the guy/man, to know the reason, rather than fretting about the issue.

Reasons WHY Men Refuses To Call Or Text After Sleeping with Me

He is Busy With Work

This is the first excuse you should give this man, except you know him deep down, that he’s either not working, or he is his own boss.

However, one major reason why he may have not yet called or text you, is that he’s having a hectic day in work. Do not jump to any conclusions, as your man might be busy with work and the workload is too much.

Exercise a little patient. He may be planning to call you after work, before you start calling, crying and cursing him.

He Is Not Serious.

It does not take rocket science to know this. We’re living in the 21st century and there are literally, 1 million playboys, who don’t give a single thought after sleeping with Ladies. To you, it’s a Love time with someone you truly love and respect.

But to him, it’s a different story altogether. This might be a casual love session for him and he has moved on.

Don’t feel bad, there are some guys who are just wired like this, and don’t care a dime what happens next, after leaving the bed.

He Maybe Sick.

Yes, this may be another reason why he has not YET, reach out to you. He may genuinely just be down with fever and is just simply too tired physically to talk. (Depending on the exercise you guys both did, and his workload).

All you need to do is to just wait, maybe he would call you back eventually!

He Has Somebody Else.

One of the biggest fear of Most ladies have after falling for a guy and sleeping quality time with him is this particular reason! He may have made a deal with his friend, or made you a conquest!

He soon realized that he already has his girlfriend, and won’t want to break up with her, immediately after sharing your bed.

Sad but true. There are some guys who after sleeping with a Lady, suddenly realizes that it is just a mistake and he does not want to repeat it in his life again. Which is one big reason why he is not contacting you anymore?

Feeling Awkward

True. You may be his crush or someone he truly dislikes. Actually, this emotion excludes the feeling of guilt. He actually might not be feeling guilty about the whole thing.

But certainly, he might be feeling awkward about what happened between you guys and is still thinking of what to say to you.

He Did Not Like It

Sorry to burst your bubbles, but he may just feel like, you didn’t reach his expectation. Most guys always place certain expectations on Ladies they slept with, and if you did not live up to his expectations, it may be one major reason why he is not keen on texting or calling you back.

Does Not Want To Take Responsibility

You may courageously say that he’s Afraid of taking responsibility. In the heat of the period, before you guys did it, he might have been prepared for anything, like taking responsibility, etc.

He may think that after this the relationship would get serious, or you might get pregnant. And he is not yet ready to take the responsibility of it yet and that is why he scooted himself before it’s too late.

However, the final conclusion is this. It may be hard for you to do this, but try calling him after 24 hours, and hear him talk. If he didn’t mention what transpires between the both of you, ask him why he refuses to call or text back.

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