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Eating These 5 Foods Every Day Will Take Years Off Your Face (Yes, Really)

When it comes to getting younger, there are quite a lot of articles on this topic, but are these articles genuine enough to be taken seriously?

What is your source of information on this topic?

Before answering your question, I would love to point out some basic facts when it comes to skincare, we all know that a combination of:

  • Sunscreen,
  • Anti-aging creams,
  • Semi-regular exfoliation

Do help massively and help us ease into the aging process. But as Reader’s Digest points out, you can also eat your way to smooth, wrinkle-free skin by avoiding certain foods and eating others much more. “While you’re digesting [protein-rich foods], your body breaks protein down into amino acids to help build cells back up,” it writes. “Having plenty of protein-rich foods available in your body makes it easier to repair and rebuild skin cells and the collagen that gives your skin structure.”

 Reader’s Digest highly recommends avoiding excessive caffeine and sugar, and went further to suggests the following five foods to actually help your body fight wrinkles:

Eating These 5 Foods Every Day Will Take Years Off Your Face

Garlic: It’s no longer news the potentials contained in garlic. “This pungent herb is packed with skin-protecting antioxidants which is medically called polyphenols, which helps in the protection of your skin from free radicals, the unstable molecules that break down collagen.”

Raspberries: The 2nd food you should try eating everyday is Raspberries. “These type of Berries have more antioxidants than any other fruit or vegetable currently in the world. Those antioxidants are your skin’s savior, protecting your skin against wrinkle-causing skin damage.”

Olive oil: If you do read articles on solution to ache, pimples, etc, you’ll noticed that Olive Oil is always recommended in resolving aches and pimples. This certainly shows you how powerful this oil is in combating aging and wrinkling factors. “This healthy oil is loaded with oleic acid, a fatty acid which ensures that the skin remain soft by keeping cell membranes fluid. Its vitamin E and polyphenols also help your skin look young and clear.”

Salmon: “The omega-3 fatty acids in salmon, which is highly recommended for the heart, also works wonder on the skin. The Omega 3 fatty acid which is contained in Salmon also keep cell membranes fluid to help give your skin youthful smoothness. Eat at least two four-ounce servings of salmon every week.”

Beans: The last on this list but not the least, is Beans. “People who eat the most beans, fish, vegetables, and olive oils have the fewest wrinkles, which sum up about 90% of the foods we recommended in this article. This research was concluded by one Australian study of people in Australia, Sweden, and Greece.”

So what do you think?

Have you be eating these foods or just plainly distaste some of the above mentioned foods? I would really love to hear from you regarding this issue.

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